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Dobrynskoe occurrence, Zhitomir region, Volodarsk-Volynskiy district, village Dobrin

Commercial name: Extra Blue Ukraine L10

Proven for centuries, beautiful, practical and durable material capable decorate the area of a large city, and any landscape "- only natural granite fully complies with these epithets! Granite is inextricably linked with the traditions of European construction, which is recognized as a model of solidity, security and culture. Therefore, the utilization of natural granite - the card of any modern architectural design.

Labrador - is the perfection combination of reliability and aesthetics of the stone. Among all kinds of granite and other rocks labradorite is allocated a unique ability to create reflections of different color palettes. The structure is decorated with labradorite wealth of shades of blue labradorite crystal.

Labradorite perfectly polished, and then finds a perfect mirror look. Therefore, it is used in the interior of the house on the window sills, tables, which is due to the magnificence of decorative looks much better granites. Also used for the manufacture of monuments and memorials elements.

Physical and mechanical properties:
Volumetric weigth: 2800 - 2830 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,21 %
Compressive strength: 1668 MPa
Resistance to abrasion: 0,65 g/cm2

Mineral composition (%):
Plagioclase: 79 - 100
Pyroxene: to 25
Olivine: 1 - 10
Other: to 3