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Kornynskoe occurrence, Zhytomyr region, Popelnyanskiy district, Kornin

Commercial name: Leopard GG1

Granite Korninskogo field has a diverse range of colors, from gray to dark gray with large transparent and light pink highlights. In some cases, mosaic pattern korninskogo granite enriched sparkling crystals of feldspar through brilliant cleavage planes in the crevices of phenocrysts. The structure of granite - coarse. The level of natural radiation corresponds to the first class - all kinds of building without restrictions.

The main application korninskiy granite found in the decoration of exteriors and interiors, manufacture of art products, in addition it is successfully used for the construction of large monumental structures and implementation pedestals facing the monument.

Physical and mechanical properties:
Volumetric weigth: 2730 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,31 %
Compressive strength: 190 MPa
Resistance to abrasion: 0,35 g/cm2

Mineral composition (%):
Microcline: 28
Plagioclase: 34
Quartz: 20
Biotite: 13
Other: 5