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Leznikovskoe occurrence, Zhitomir region, Volodarsk-Volynskiy district, village Leznyki

Commercial name: Maple Red GR6

Leznikovskoe granite deposit has a rich history. It is one of the oldest producing fields, as the Zhytomyr region, and the country as a whole. And now, more than a hundred years, Leznikovsky granite, now known under the name "Maple Red", is one of the most famous and "solid" in the global market of granite. Of course, in comparison with a number of them pales granite monuments of this stone, facing the subway station and even the facades of a number of European shopping, entertainment and cultural centers, as they faced. In the current production at the field occurs at three quarries supplying, respectively, medium-pink-red and red granite. The most "young" from the quarries is the newfound June 2009 Quarry Lezniki-3.

Physical and mechanical properties:
Volumetric weigth: 2650 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,50 %
Compressive strength: 150 MPa
Resistance to abrasion: 0,47 g/cm2

Mineral composition (%):
Microcline: 80
Plagioclase: 15
Biotite: 5