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Osnykovskoe occurrence, Zhitomir region, Chernyahovskiy district, village Osnyki

Commercial name: Irina Blue L2

Recently labradorite Osnykovskogo field pushed the market a lot of popular breeds of granite. This is largely a consequence of perfect gentility of this stone, rich dark gray color which accurately diluted with greenish veins. Special refinement and gives it a bluish iridescence (optical effect, which manifests itself in the form of a rainbow of color in certain lights shine on the surface of the stone, especially polished). Complete the picture of the color of the breed of wealth implicit in the play of dark green and dark blue tone.

This excellent decorative stone, which, moreover, has excellent physical and mechanical properties, registered in the State gemological center of Ukraine and is marked Irina Blue. Production at the quarry made gentle, non-explosive manner with the use of imported equipment, thus avoiding the occurrence of microcracks in the structure of stone and thus increase the yield of conditional blocks for the manufacture of solid parts of considerable size.

Physical and mechanical properties:
Volumetric weigth: 2815 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,10 %
Compressive strength: 80 MPa
Resistance to abrasion: 0,53 g/cm2

Mineral composition (%):
Plagioclase: 70 - 94
Pyroxene 15 - 35
Olivine 5 - 15
Biotite: to 7
Other: to 7