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Vasilevskoe occurrence, Zhytomyr region, Korosten district, village Kamenaya gora

Commercial name: Ukrainian Autumn GP7

Vasilevsky potassium feldspar granite may contain from 40 to 70%. It provides rock solid colors, range from light gray to very dark, almost black. Medium-grained structure of the stone, belongs to the first class of radioactivity, it can be used in all types of construction work without restrictions. One of the best of the decorative. Granite is valued not only for their color, but also for the physical and mechanical characteristics. Due to its characteristics, this Ukrainian granite has proven itself as in the exterior cladding of buildings and structures, and in interior decoration. Granite Basil field is widely known as the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

Physical and mechanical properties:
Volumetric weigth: 2680 - 2685 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,01 - 0,16 %
Compressive strength: 180 - 210 MPa
Resistance to abrasion: 0,45 - 0,48 g/cm2

Mineral composition (%):
Potassium feldspar: 35 - 55
Plagioclase: 7 - 22
Quartz: 20 - 27
Biotite: 10